Live In The Chai Space - (November 2015)

by Kaeru

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This is a live album recorded at a Rainbow Gathering in Drake, NSW - November 2015.

The first three tracks are covers that I feel are close to my own heart.
The rest are original creations from yours truly.

All of the songs were recorded on a peaceful night inside the Chai Space
(On a 99c voice recorder)


released March 6, 2016

Quinoa - Thank you for recording these songs! I'm glad you did not tell me I was being recorded...
Rainbow Gatherings - Thank you for inspiring me and for offering me a wonderful platform to hone in on my skills and share them with such receptive audiences



all rights reserved


Kaeru Melbourne, Australia

Kaeru makes music. Soulful music, personal music, Earth music, happy music, sad music.. Whatever needs to be expressed ;)
It's his main purpose and his first passion.

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Track Name: Static
Sometimes I can't hear my mind through the static noise in my ears
Sometimes it flows and my mind opens up
Sometimes a little too wide and I over fill my cup
Sometimes I keep it closed for too long and it gets cold
Sometimes I pretend I'm not getting old
But it's alright and it's OK cause we're in this together
And it's gonna be alright in the end
Track Name: Turbulent Journey
I'm coming home from a turbulent journey,
(I've) Been trapped in a field full of sheep trying to herd me
No one got hurt, except I lost my mother
And some black magick possessed my brother
Karma, Pharma, Cancer, Drama
Hippie-crits sucking off the dalai lama
I tried real hard to make some sense of it,
Convinced myself it was my cosmic punishment
But what did I do? It didn't even matter...
Nothing was louder than my own mind chatter,
Nothing you could say that could change my mind
I was blaming myself and wasting our time
See I didn't know better and I felt so small -
How the fuck do you think you would take that call?
They said "Your mothers gonna die and there is nothing you can do - now drop everything you're doing 'cause we really need you"
"And don't even think about speaking your mind, don't even think about trying to find anything other than what we've got planned for her"
"Find your own place to stay - Find your own way... But you better come over every day! actually better yet, you should stay away!"

In the final moments of my mothers life I was holding her hand
Singing her let it be
Singing her to sleep
Just like she'd done for me
When I was her baby
Track Name: Once Upon A Past Life
Once upon a past life I was waiting for your boat
Living by the seashore with a heart full of hope
No one ever came to let me know that you're alright
No one ever let me know my love had reached the light
So I waited and I waited and I waited until I died
Then I got born again - Still waiting inside
I'm in a different body now, I'm hard to recognize
But I knew when I saw you, I got reminded by your eyes
That you were the soul I was waiting for
And I was your wife crying at the shore
She spent her life scanning horizons
Never letting go never tying up her loose ends
Now she gets her closure in the form of you and I
Fiona and her Captain they can take to the sky

(In a boat or a plane or a rocket or a bubble, now they're together they got no trouble)

Once upon a past life
Track Name: Remain You
As good as each other or as good as it gets
It keeps getting better - It keeps taking steps
Find me the answers, keep me on my quest
Stay true, Remain you
I am the fire but I'm also the coal
I'm in the distance - Still deep in my soul
I am the question and the answer as well
I am the notion and the motion as well
Speak love, Sing love and give your love out
Dance in the love with a twist and a shout
Shake through the fear, shake the shame in your mind
And keep on adventuring until you find love

But stay true
Remain you
Don't lose your purpose
Track Name: Subconscious Ghost
Deep inside your subconscious mind
There are seeds that you will never find
And they will grow into trees before your eyes
Until everything you see is trees - only trees
And they will flower with beams of people you know
They will rise again to show
Show you powers that you have never known
Until it is your turn to return to where you belong
As trees, as those trees
From the seed you planted long ago
With your subconsciousness

There's a ghost in the room
I hope he's friendly
There's nothing to be afraid of
You are a ghost too

We are only trees pretending to be animals
We are only trees - and I am a ghost