City Is A Zoo

by Kaeru

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City Is A Zoo is the story of an Earthling boy trapped inside a strange and alien world called "The City"

He tries too hard to blend in and ends up becoming consumed by his environment.


released June 12, 2016

This album is the result of spending too much time inside a city much larger than me.

The lyrics were all written whilst wandering around the streets - dazed and confused..

I then recorded all of the songs in one long session in the middle of a cemetery in Newtown... It was the quietest place I could find.



all rights reserved


Kaeru Melbourne, Australia

Kaeru makes music. Soulful music, personal music, Earth music, happy music, sad music.. Whatever needs to be expressed ;)
It's his main purpose and his first passion.

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Track Name: City Is A Zoo
The City is a Zoo
Full of people like you

They don't think that they have cages
What do they think houses are?

It's not their natural habitat
Maybe that explains why they act like that

People are weird & they fascinate me
I fascinate myself

When in Rome do as the Romans do
But a Lion in the wild is not a lying in the Zoo

It's not their natural habitat
Maybe that explains why they act like that
Track Name: Bird Cage
When I'm in a bird cage, I am a bird
I've got to blend in to survive
No one here can notice me if I want to make it out alive
They don't know that I have the key
That can open the aviary
If they knew they would peck out my eyes
How dare I prove they've been living a lie
If I gave them freedom - is it fair?
They might not like the open air (Do you not like the open air?)
Their wings are clipped so they can't fly anymore
So tonight I'll just slip right out the door
They'll never even know I was here

No they'll never even know I was here
Track Name: Aquarium
I'm inside the aquarium and I'm struggling to breathe
All of this pressure gets to me and I'm not sure how to leave
I don't have the gills for this and even if I did
I'd be breaking through the glass

Have you dived in open waters?
Well you need a license first
Or without your equipment hold your breath until it hurts

I'd be psychopathic too if this was all I've got
A tiny trophy cabinet where my mind and flesh can rot

Will you remember me when I'm gone?
Track Name: Spectacular
I don't want to be a spectacle but I'm part of the exhibit
Born into captivity, not native to this planet
The local people laugh at me for not knowing where I am
But at least they bought some food to feed the animals by hand

If I bite you will you put me down?
If I smite you - call it gods great plan!
Use your science to justify my demise
I was naturally selected to receive this prize
And it's Spectacular
Track Name: Click Click
Click Click goes the capture of artificial light
Turn it around the other way, do I look alright?
Get it in the background so you know that I've been there
Put it on my facebook so all my friends can care
It's a vivid simulation, it almost could be real
If it wasn't for my awareness ruining my meal
Track Name: Because They Don't
Why do I spend my money like it means nothing to me?
Why do I spend my time like it flows on endlessly?

Because they don't
Track Name: Let Go Of My Home
I don't want to let go of my home
So if I want to keep it I can't keep it up
Cause some day soon it's gonna blow up
& it's my problem, cause it's my home
So I gotta change something, gotta change my own
Change my own behavior before it all blows up
& I can't keep saying that it's not my fault
Cause it starts inside, then it breaks on through
To the other side where it leaks in to
Our food supply & the water too
& if you drink it, then you're going to die
Cause it's filled with poison & it's filled with my..
With my afflictions & my evil eyes
Track Name: Make Yourself Better
Humanity please spare me your excuses
You have done this to yourself
You've made yourself so sick that you are dying
& You can't blame anybody else

You are so sick & I
Can only wonder why
You don't even want to try
To make yourself better

I can't really help you if don't
Put in the effort that you won't
Admit that you need to put in to
Make yourself better

Shrug your shoulders even though
You're the only one you know
Who can put an end to this
& Make yourself better

To make myself better,
To make yourself better,
To make the world better,
Make yourself better
Track Name: Apple
Were there shadows in the garden the last time we were there?
Or did that nasty apple make you notice that they're there?
How could we have missed this before we ate that fruit
If it wasn't for that serpent we would still have our loot

But wouldn't that make you feel funny?
To not know the lies
Well i guess if you don't know then it's OK in god's eyes
If she doesn't tell you, is it still OK?
You took the snakes advice with you anyway

Now you know that god is evil and the snake is good
Was the apples information correctly understood?
Track Name: Born Again
When we're born again, what will we be?
If we're even born again at all
Do we become part of the sea
Or do we become part of the soil

Back to the planet that we think we came from
But it's clear to me now we don't really belong
We are more like a cancer or no auto-immune
We just suckle her teats until most of it is gone
But she could rip our teeth out if that's what it takes
Or we could simply let go
We've made enough mistakes

Maybe she'll forgive us if we go to our rooms
But she'll take all our toys and tell us '"no cartoons!"

God forbid she get the wooden spoon
So she won't smack me now
Track Name: Snake Bite
If cigarettes are cinnamon - that makes them good for you!
Your perfume is petroleum - that makes you flammable!

I want to suck the poison out of your snake bite

Snake bite

The bite that gave you wisdom, the bite that gave your soul
The bite that gave you strength & the bite that gave all
That you needed to know

If cigarettes are cinnamon - that makes them good for you!
Your perfume is petroleum - that makes you flammable!

I want to suck the poison out of your snake bite

Snake bite

The bite that gave you wisdom, the bite that gave your soul
The bite that gave you knowledge of good and evil
So now you know
Track Name: Die Holding Hands
In the middle of the city I come across a graveyard
It obviously represents the ruins of the city
We put a wall around it and got rid of the names
Hopefully we'll never even speak of it again

Here lies the city and hear lies the zoo
Will that be one gravestone or two?
Should they share a coffin
If they shared a bed
Or should they just be burned at the stake instead

Here lies the one thing that you may never see again
& Here lies the other that's part woman & part man
They died together, died holding hands

Die holding hands

Here lies the city and hear lies the zoo
This cemetery feels too...

Here comes a plane again
Flying overhead
Track Name: No Grave For You
My neck hurts from craning side to side
Everything demands my attention
I can't seem to rest my eyes for a moment
There is movement in every direction
Am I waiting here for it all to stop

There is a constant meaninglessnessness
It's a high speed clock that has no numbers
Counting down to something
That could happen any moment
It will happen any moment

& There's no grave for you
So I can't bring you flowers anymore
Cause there's no grave for you

For you
My mother